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Best Practices in Board Recruitment … Part (n+1)

Best Practices in Board Recruitment … Part (n+1) By Tim Harrington and Kevin Smith Board recruitment should be an ongoing process, a continuing cultivation. Everyone is super-busy, so making this as streamlined as possible for recruit-ers and recruit-ees is imperative. Building business card solutions and one-click information can do this. As part of our roles […]

Are You Holding Executive Sessions … Regularly?

Are You Holding Executive Sessions … Regularly? By Tim Harrington and Kevin Smith At times directors should meet without the CEO or others present. This is an opportunity to raise questions or concerns in a closed environment. This session allows the board to maintain independence from senior management. Done regularly it is part of the […]

Let Them Surprise You with the Results

by Kevin Smith “Don’t tell people HOW to do things. Tell them WHAT to do and let them surprise you with the results.” George S. Patton Jr. Good leadership means sometimes giving up some control. Credit union board members (and many CEOs) have the chance to unleash the power of their staff on their members […]

What Board Meetings Should Accomplish

Credit union board members should keep a clear focus on what they should accomplish in each meeting. To be efficient directors can try to follow this rule of thirds: Strategic Discussion, Reporting and Education. It will keep the focus and improve performance. by Tim Harrington & Kevin Smith As we travel around the country working […]

Calibrating the Strategy between the Staff and the Board

As board members get better at staying out of operations and focusing on strategy, sometimes the new problem is calibrating that strategy. This means making sure that the staff and the board are on the same page about what that strategy means for their day-to-day activities. By Kevin Smith I love the word “calibrate.” It […]

The U.S. Yield Curve & Things Coming Soon

Tim Harrington In a slight departure from our typical blog style, I’d like to comment, if briefly about the news that I’m keeping up with. Part of what we do at TEAM Resources is try to help our clients, and our followers keep an eye on what’s going on that might impact the financial services […]

Dealing with the Weakest Link

Dealing with the Weakest Link  Do you have a “weakest link”? Then stop behaving like a chain. Be a Net. Teams often use the “weakest link” and team-as-a-chain metaphor. This becomes a way to deflect blame and avoid accountability. Stop this mindset and behavior and create shared accountability to improve the dynamic and the performance. […]

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