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Credit Union CEO Salaries: Wading into Turbulent Waters and Pulling the Board Members with Us

As the credit union industry changes rapidly and increases in complexity, board members need to make sure they are keeping up with industry trends and standards. If they don’t, they risk their credit union becoming irrelevant and disappearing. One area that this is increasingly a problem is CEO salaries. Board members are often out of […]

The CEO’s Annual Review in a Crisis

Credit union directors face a daunting challenge this year as you consider the annual review of your credit union’s CEO. Many or all of your standard metrics will need to be thrown out and replaced with criteria that is specific to the context of the year. By Tim Harrington and Kevin Smith One of the […]

Practical Tasks that Achieve Strategic Benefits

Focus the Meeting Agenda & Board Packet on the Important By Tim Harrington, CPA RET At TEAM Resources, we believe the board packet and monthly board meeting agenda should be built around the credit union’s Purpose (Mission) and Key Strategies. This is board level stuff. As we look at the information generally provided to a […]

The Board Chair’s Guide to Zoom Meetings

Let me guess … your board meeting has gone digital and virtual, right? Lucky guess or what?! Credit Union Board Chairs – Let’s talk about that move to virtual. Let’s talk about what that means for you and how things need to change. Let’s be clear. This move is not like moving to a different […]

10 Critical Elements of a Board’s Role in Crisis Management

by Tim Harrington 1. Take the moral high ground. Do what is right. Stay true to your “Moral Purpose” and its focus towards your members, employees and community. 2. Keep people’s health and safety first. 3. Be proactive. When signs of a crisis arise, start asking the tough questions of each other and of the […]

How to spot a board in trouble (an incomplete listicle)

By Tim Harrington and Kevin Smith This is not a comprehensive list. In fact, we’d like to hear from others the things that they’ve seen or what they look for. We’re sure our smart readership has some things to add. This is also not a checklist. We’re not suggesting that once you’ve identified all eight […]

Opportunities amidst crisis: Build a more Trusting Team

By Kevin Smith Leaders can strengthen their teams and develop higher performance and more trust during these times of crisis. The “rules” are different and generally looser now as we all try to adapt. By showing staff that they have the leader’s full support, you can foster necessary innovation and raise the level of trust […]

On the Board Improvement Highway, The Onramp and the Offramp are Equally Important

Onboarding and offboarding of directors is crucial for boards with an Infinite mindset and goal for improvement. Often onboarding gets lip service and a little attention while offboarding is virtually unheard of. These steps help create a positive governance culture and a higher performing board. Presenting comprehensive information with support, and asking the right questions […]

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