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The Board and Supervisory Committee Dynamic

Creating A Good Board/Supervisory Committee Dynamic By Tim Harrington & Kevin Smith What does it mean to have a healthy relationship or dynamic between the board and the supervisory committee? We suppose that’s probably as unique as your organization and as individual as your members. That means that there’s no one “right” answer to this. […]

Credit Union Strategic Governance Basics by TEAM Resources

Hey Credit Union Friends! We are thrilled to announce the newest publication from TEAM Resources: A Credit Union Guide to Strategic Governance, by Tim Harrington and Kevin Smith. This book has been long in the works, developed around the strategic governance philosophy that Tim and Kevin have been presenting to audiences over the years and […]

What Credit Union Directors Should Look for in a Board Portal

by Kevin Smith, TEAM Resources Recently I had the opportunity to spend some time with a 100+ credit union board members and volunteers thanks to Terri Murphy and the New York Credit Union Association. During a discussion of best practices the use of board portals came up and there were quite a few questions. So I […]

Extra Steps When you Have Time … are Okay?

by Kevin Smith, Publisher, TEAM Resources On a recent trip to a credit union event, I was actually surprised by an airline customer service effort that was positive. (I know, right?) It wasn’t a big thing, but it was enough to make me notice and jot a note. The airlines aren’t getting a lot of […]

The Connection Between Board Diversity & the CEO

by Kevin Smith The topic of board diversity has been bubbling about the credit union industry for quite a few years now, and with good reason. A healthy, diverse board can have a dramatically positive impact on an organization’s performance. But I recently ran across a new angle to this argument worth considering. There is […]

Governance Outside of the Bowls

Board Members – What do You Know? And how do You Know You Know? ‘Ya know? (Better Title: Governance Outside the Bowls) Tim Harrington and Kevin Smith, TEAM Resources Yeah, yeah, we all know (or should) … the board of directors has fiduciary duty in the operations of the credit union: From the federal regulations: […]

Board Communication and the Staff

by Tim Harrington and Kevin Smith, TEAM Resources  A credit union board chair recently contacted us with some questions regarding board communications. One issue had to do with the board’s communications with the staff. Now ordinarily, this is the kind of discussion that we try to shut down immediately with a simple cliché of “all […]

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