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Building Your Business Model to Create a Market Advantage

Can you strictly define your business model? Your competitive advantage? If you say, “We are a full service credit union, and our competitive advantage is our great prices and our member service,” then you are missing the boat. Being a credit union is not a business model; it is a charter type. Being “full service” […]

Effective Leadership by Your Board

How well does your board “lead” your credit union? Leadership by the board is very different from leadership by management. As a matter of fact, leadership by the board requires a different skill set than leadership by management. Boards govern. What does that mean? It means they don’t “operate.” I know that doesn’t answer the […]

Becoming a Strategic Board

Generally, boards do two things that have a positive impact on their organizations: Plan strategically; and Hire a competent CEO who is accountable to the strategic plan. Nearly any other things the board involves itself with will have either a neutral impact or a negative impact. Unfortunately, the neutral impact list is rather short.

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