Overall, Tim has presented at over 1,000 meetings and conferences. His style, wit and unpretentious delivery has won the hearts of tens of thousands of fans nationwide.

Reviews from Tim’s sessions:

“Tim was thought provoking, innovative and interesting. He kept things moving and we accomplished much more than we have in previous sessions.”

“Did an excellent job of introducing new ideas. Keeping our group focused on best practices.”

“Did a great job of having us rethink the way we govern.”

“Excellent job. Real-world perspective.”

Reviews from Kevin’s sessions:

“[Kevin] pushes us when necessary.”

“Engaging, knowledgeable, and entertaining”

“You [were] great for our retreat and my directors really like you a lot. You are a rock star for us!!!”

“Easy to understand, personable, good listener”

TEAM Resources has a vast list of companies, organizations, and associations, they’ve worked with including:

Credit Union Leagues:

  • Arkansas Credit Union League
  • California/Nevada Credit Union League
  • Cooperative Credit Union Association
  • Connecticut Credit Union League
  • Cornerstone Credit Union League
  • Credit Union Association of New Mexico
  • Credit Union Association of the Dakotas
  • Georgia Credit Union League
  • Hawaii Credit Union League
  • Idaho Credit Union League
  • Illinois Credit Union League
  • Iowa Credit Union League
  • Kansas Credit Union League
  • Kentucky Credit Union League
  • League of Southeastern Credit Unions
  • Louisiana Credit Union League
  • Maine Credit Union League
  • Maryland Credit Union League
  • Michigan Credit Union League
  • Minnesota Credit Union League
  • Mississippi Credit Union Association
  • Missouri Credit Union Association
  • Montana Credit Union League
  • Mountain West Credit Union Association
  • Nebraska Credit Union League
  • New Jersey Credit Union League
  • New York Credit Union League
  • North Carolina Credit Union League
  • Northwest Credit Union League
  • Ohio Credit Union League
  • Pennsylvania Credit Union Association
  • Rhode Island Credit Union League
  • South Carolina Credit Union League
  • Utah Credit Union League
  • Virginia Credit Union League
  • West Virginia Credit Union League
  • Wisconsin Credit Union League

Credit Unions:

  • 1st United Services CU
  • Altier FCU
  • Anheuser-Busch EFCU
  • APCO Emloyees. CU
  • Arizona FCU
  • Bay Winds FCU
  • Blue Ox Credit Union
  • Boston Firefighters FCU
  • Burbank City FCU
  • Call FCU
  • Canyon State FCU
  • Chattanooga Federal Employees CU
  • Chino FCU
  • City Credit Union
  • Clark County CU
  • Coconino FCU
  • Commonwealth CU
  • Communicators FCU
  • Community First CU
  • Compass Community Credit Union
  • Crosspoint FCU
  • Del Norte CU
  • DFCU Financial CU
  • Dodge Central CU
  • Educational Community Alliance Credit Union
  • Evolve FCU
  • Explorers Credit Union
  • Family Financial CU
  • Financial Builders Credit Union
  • First CU
  • First Financial of MD
  • First Financial of NM
  • First New York
  • First Source FCU
  • Fort Worth Community
  • Grafton FCU
  • Grand Canyon EFCU
  • Great Northwest FCU
  • Greater New Orleans CU
  • Heritage South Credit Union
  • Houston Police Credit Union
  • Huachuca FCU
  • IC FCU
  • Jefferson Parish FCU
  • Kellogg Midwest FCU
  • Kirtland FCU
  • Los Angeles Police FCU
  • Michigan First CU
  • Mission City FCU
  • Mississippi FCU
  • Mohave Community
  • Navigator FCU
  • Nevada FCU
  • Nissan Employees FCU
  • Nutmeg FCU
  • Oxford FCU
  • Pacific Crest FCU
  • Partners Financial FCU
  • Pinal County FCU
  • Prescott FCU
  • Pyramid FCU
  • Quincy FCU
  • Red Canoe FCU
  • RelyOn Credit Union
  • Resource One CU
  • Richmond Postal
  • Saint Francis X FCU
  • Sioux Empirer FCU
  • Snowflake Mills FCU
  • Southeastern Arizona
  • Southwest FCU
  • StateWide CU
  • Sun Country CU
  • SunState FCU
  • Synergy FCU
  • Tempe Schools CU
  • Tucson Old Pueblo CU
  • TwinStar FCU
  • UMassFive College FCU
  • Uncle FCU
  • United Bay Comm. CU
  • United FCU
  • US New Mexico FCU
  • Vantage West CU
  • Veritas FCU
  • Waterbury CT Teachers

Other Credit Union Organizations:

  • Credit Union Executives Society (CUES)
  • Credit Union Leadership Convention
  • CUNA Management School
  • CUNA Non-Financial Managers School
  • CUNA Volunteers Certification School
  • CUNA Volunteers’ Conferences
  • CUNA Supervisory Committee Conference
  • CUNA Community CU Conference
  • CU Conferences Fraud Conference
  • Credit Union Webinar Network
  • Education Credit Union Council
  • NAFCU Annual Convention
  • National Directors Conference (UCG)
  • National Coalition of Firefighters Credit Unions
  • National Association of Credit Union Supervisory & Audit Committees (NACUSAC)
  • National Association of Credit Union Chairs (NACUC)
  • Paragon Directors Conference

Non-Credit Union Clients:

  • Western Energy Institute
  • United States Postal Service
  • US Army Southeast Regional Commanders Conference
  • American Academy of Family Practice Physicians
  • Texas Landscape and Nursery Association
  • Indiana Bankers Association
  • Arizona Bankers Association

Questions? For more information or to schedule a training, contact us!

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