Introducing the Doorways to Success Series: Financial Mastery

So, what do Bob Ross and Tim Harrington have in common? More than you’d think! They both paint and they both make difficult things seem much easier.

The Financial Mastery series is a new approach to learning credit union financials, which are a requirement for all credit union board members and a tremendous value for all those who rely on ratios and balance sheets to keep the credit union running. The TEAM Resources Doorways to Success Series: Financial Mastery is a series of five videos taught by Tim Harrington, CPA RET. Tim has an international reputation for his ability to communicate complex financial concepts into plain language and images. Train your entire board with one purchase.

This video series captures the true dynamic of a Tim Harrington class.

This is NOT a recorded PowerPoint with audio or a podcast with handouts. It’s definitely NOT a webinar. This series captures on video the real energy and style of Tim’s teaching. It’s fair to say that Tim is the “Bob Ross” of credit union financials!

The Financial Mastery Series covers:

Session 1: CAMEL Ratios, Balance Sheets & Income Statements (Runtime: 29:18)
Session 2: The Importance of Capital (Runtime: 40:51)
Session 3: Profit & Spread Analysis (Runtime: 54:17)
Session 4: Special Accounting Issues (Runtime: 38:03)
Session 5: Asset Liability Management (Runtime: 58:34)

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Hear Tim talk about the class:

More sample videos:

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  • Easy to share access to five videos and downloadable workbook in the series. One purchase for your entire board & committees!

  • Simple way to get your entire board (and others) a complete understanding of complex financials from one source. You’ll have everyone on the same page.

  • Accessible language for the layperson, rather than accountant-ese and jargon.

  • Engaging virtual learning for the times in which we live! Watch together on a shared platform, or let individuals view on their own.

Questions? For more information or to schedule a training, contact us here.

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#1. The three primary sources of financial risk faced by credit unions are:

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