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Tim and Kevin

Tim and Kevin met while Kevin was with CUNA as Director of Volunteer Education and Tim was speaking/teaching for many of those programs. They collaborated on quite a few new things over the years and found that they worked really well together. Tim invited Kevin to be part of TEAM Resources in 2015.

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Steven Adger

Steven is the IT Technician for TEAM Resources. He maintains office hardware, software, the network and the website. (Ed. He’s also pretty modest about his abilities—that previous sentence is the understatement of the year.) He’s also great with spreadsheets and databases. Born and raised in Tucson, AZ, Steven commutes to work by bicycle.

Maisy clearly working hard.

Maisy and Daisy

Maisy and Daisy are in charge of morale. Maisy in the Tucson office with Tim and Steven. And Daisy in the Madison office with Kevin. (BTW – the names … are just a happy coincidence!)

*We’re sad to note that on Monday, June 13, Daisy crossed over the rainbow bridge. 😥 She is loved and will be missed.

Daisy watching over the office.

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