We offer some of our most popular seminars on compact disc. These courses were recorded during live presentations and will prove to be valuable training tools in your financial institution. These titles are currently available:


Building a Better Board – $29.00Building a Better Board

How well does your board function? In the words of board expert Richard Chait, “Effective governance by a board is a relatively rare and unnatural act.” An effective board is very difficult to establish and sometimes more difficult to maintain. So … what can you do to “build a better board”? In this course you will learn ways to focus the board on governance, and understand the distinction between governance and management. You will look at the planning process, reporting systems and meetings to identify ways to focus your board on the things that will have the greatest impact for the members, allow you to appropriately stay out of management’s way, and have better insight to what is being accomplished by the entire organization.
Program Length: 68 Minutes
Target Audience: Board Members
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Captain or Commander: Who’s Sailing the Ship – $29.00

Who is guiding your credit union? Your CEO? Your board of directors? This is an important question we all must clarify for the credit union to be efficient, effective and the best at serving your members. While the board’s role is to set the course of the credit union, it is the CEO’s role to steer the ship. This session discusses why the distinction between these two roles can lead to a successful voyage, or to the dashing of your ship against jagged rocks. It also identifies how the board can set the course and establish useful measures to monitor the progress along the way and how management can assist the board with useful information.
Program Length: 58 minutes
Target Audience: CEOs, Managers, Board Members, Supervisory Committee Members, and other Key Staff members.
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Easy and Effective Audit Steps for the Supervisory Committee – $29.00

Even if you are not a trained auditor, there are many audit activities you can do! Take this opportunity to learn audit activities you can perform regardless of your background or life experience. These are procedures that can have a big impact on your credit union and procedures someone at your credit union should already be doing every day.
Program Length: 80 minutes.
Target Audience: Managers, Board Members, Supervisory Committee Members, Internal auditors and other Key Staff members.
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Eisenhower on Enlightened Leadership – $29.00

One of the greatest leaders of the 20th Century, Ike Eisenhower, has lessons for all of us to learn on how to lead people. The simple farm boy, turned General shows how diplomacy, planning and simple values can earn the loyalty of people within your organization.
Program length: 58 Minutes
Target Audience: Board Members, CEOs, Senior Leadership, Supervisory Committee Members, Key Staff members.
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Finding Alternative Revenue Sources – $29.00

The credit union movement is experiencing a fundamental shift in how it makes money. Not long ago, charging more for loans than you paid for deposits was enough to thrive on. No longer. Competitive pressures have changed the equation dramatically. Net Interest margin is declining and operating expenses are increasing. Expenses can be trimmed, but credit unions are running very lean and have been since the financial crisis in the late 1980s. Now, credit unions must look at new and sometimes controversial ways to make money and guarantee their survival. For the first time in credit union history, fee and other non-interest income now accounts for all of the credit union movement’s profit. This course discusses ways to ensure that you have the amount of profit you need to meet your credit union’s needs.
Program Length: 58 minutes
Target Audience: CEOs, Managers, Board Members, Supervisory Committee Members, and other Key Staff members
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Risk, Rate and Return: An ALM Primer – $29.00

In this course you’ll learn how to comprehend ALM, the closest thing to rocket science in the credit union business. Interest rate changes can have significant impacts on cash flow and financial management. These are issues ALM issues that you need to understand. Tim will also investigate several methods of setting rates, reporting, and calculating. And he’ll help you understand the relationship between interest rates and risk. Discover a healthy ALM process and who should be included, incorporate ratio analysis, trend analysis, market analysis, and economic analysis into the ALM process.
Program Length: 80 Minutes
Target Audience: Operational staff, managers, and volunteers.
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Seven Spiritual Principles of Credit Union Operations – $29.00

This course identifies seven values that strengthen and grow organizations and community. Tim Harrington offers an in depth look at how to practice cultivating those values in your organization with some practical exercises. This refreshing approach to leadership development will prove to be invaluable to all who learn from it.
Program length: 80 Minutes
Target Audience: CEOs, Managers, Board Members, Supervisory Committee Members, and Staff members
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What’s Right with America an1 Whats Right with Americad the Credit Union Movement – $29.00

America is going through a difficult time. Our will and core values are being tested, yet America is still the beacon of fairness and opportunity to the peoples of the world. What’s right with America? Oh, so much! And so much is right with the credit union movement. Both are based on a trust in individual accomplishment and the cooperative spirit. Both seem to be unfocused and fractious in good times, yet both show the mettle of their people when challenged. This course reminds us to be aware of all the good that goes on in America and in the credit union movement, and inspires us to keep our high ideals and work hard to see that they are achieved.
Program length: XX Minutes
Target Audience: Anyone and everyone associated with the credit union movement, and those who aren’t (but should be).
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