TEAM Resources offers a number of resources here to benefit you at no charge. Please take advantage of the items below and share them with your friends and colleagues. We only ask that you check in now and again and let us know how you’re using them, how they’ve helped, or if you have any feedback on the resources themselves that would be useful to for future updates.

Check the appropriate box next to the product or form that you would like. Click “submit” and fill in the quick form. We will email you a link to download the product.

For technical assistance, please call: 520.290.5721 or email Steven Adger


For technical assistance, please call: 520.290.5721 or email Steven Adger

Note: The Lenders Tax Analyzer© software is also available for purchase on our Products page.

If you do not qualify for a free download of this software, you can still enjoy the product. Please go to our Products page and find more information about this popular software.

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