Your organization can thrive or wither based on the strength of your board & management team. TEAM Resources offers a full range of courses dedicated to improving how your board and management team functions.

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“Did an excellent job of introducing new ideas. Keeping our group focused on best practices.”

– Strategic Planning Session Attendee

“I thought this seminar is just what the doctor ordered given the pandemic, providing a virtual alternative to the more traditional onsite conference. It was right-sized and interactive to a degree I didn’t anticipate – a good thing. Tim is a gifted facilitator and his depth and breadth of knowledge and accompanying experience showed. Great job by all involved.”

– Virtual Conference Attendee

Board’s do two useful things. 1). Ensure the credit union plans strategically and 2) Hire a competent CEO. Sounds so simple. But it can be quite a task. Partly because too many directors don’t fully grasp what it means to be a Strategic Board. This session will provide the Seven Simple Steps to Becoming a Strategic Board. This will help the Board see how they guide the success of the credit union without getting in the way. And how they monitor the success without overwhelming management with requests for reports. When you leave this session, you will be ready to make your Board a Strategic Board.

How’s your credit union doing? No. Really. How’s your credit union doing? Directors and staff need to know, before any auditor or regulator, how their credit union is doing. Financial Statements and Important Ratios are like a code. This fast, interesting and sometimes funny class helps everyone better understand how their credit union is doing. We will look at the best ratios every CU should have on their dashboard. We will make sure you know what Capital is, where it comes from and how much you probably need. We will look at a Spread Analysis so you can see how your CU is making its profit and whether it is improving or declining and why. I know exciting stuff, isn’t it? When you leave here, you will be much better able to know how your credit union is doing.

How does your Board function? Or maybe a better question: “Does your Board function?” In the words of Board expert Richard Chait, “Effective governance by a Board is a relatively rare and unnatural act.” An effective Board is very difficult to establish and sometimes more difficult to maintain. So, what can you do to Build a Better Board? This course will talk about ways to focus the Board on Governance and discuss what this means as compared to Management. It will look at the planning process, reporting systems and meetings to help you identify ways to focus your Board on the things that will have the greatest impact for the members, allow you to stay out of management’s way, and have better insight to what is being accomplished by management.


I wanted to take a minute and thank you for the presentation today. It was great information that will be very helpful as I, and the credit unions of West Virginia, navigate through this new normal. The information presented all made so much sense. It gave me an idea of what to expect going forward and it gave me a starting point with focus on my members first….”

– Joetta Heck, Manager, KEMBA Charleston FCU

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