Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith joined TEAM Resources in January, 2015 and brings a wealth of credit union and instructional design experience. In addition to his other roles with TEAM Resources, Kevin will also be available for speaking, training, and strategic planning. Click here for his full biography.

Kevin’s topics include:

  • The Board Calibration Process: Alignment for Higher Performance (Or: Alignment is Not Just for Tires)Kevin Smith headshot
  • Supercharging the Board Team: (Or, Just Who are Those People in the Board Room with Me?)
  • Supercharging the Team: (Or, Just Who are Those People in the Room with Me?)
  • Board Governance Essentials: Becoming a Better Board Member
  • You DO Know You’re a Co-op, Right? (Leveraging the Cooperative Principles to Standout in Your Market)
  • The Path to Presenter: Public Speaking Skills and Development
  • Assumptions Gone Awry: Mobile Learning for Baby-Boomers & the Silent Generation

For his full list of topics and descriptions click here.

Kevin is also certified to present the WorkPlace Big Five Personality Assessments Program in conjunction with the Center for Applied Cognitive Studies (CentACS).


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