This list of educational programs for lenders offered by TEAM Resources is extensive. Other courses can be developed at the request of the conference organizers. The suggested program length is generally 90 minutes; however, courses can be modified in both time and content to fit your schedule and interests.

Training for Lenders

Verifying Borrowers’ Income Using Tax Returns

With credit unions diversifying their fields of membership, a growing number of members who are seeking loans are self-employed. Loan officers are proficient at qualifying members with pay stubs, but what do they do when a member offers them a tax return to verify income? This course makes the process of analyzing tax returns remarkably simple by providing careful instruction and frequent examples. Loan officers will quickly learn how to obtain a monthly net or gross income from a tax return. Analysis forms and instructions are supplied to each participant.

Suggested Program Length: Full day course

Target Audience: Loan officers, Managers and other Key Staff members

Business Lending Basics

Business lending is getting a great deal of attention these days and is quickly becoming an important loan product for credit unions around the country. Members in their own small or home-based business are attracted to their most trusted lender, their credit union, when they need business credit. Make sure you are a powerful competitor by offering business services. By investigating business lending for your financial institution you create the possibility of expanding the products and services you offer your existing members, not to mention attracting new members. Imagine the growth potential available!

Suggested Program Length: Full day course or 90 minute conference primer

Target Audience: Loan officers, Managers and other Key Staff members

Creating a Lending Machine

Your members may not be borrowing from you, but they are borrowing. From who? What makes some credit unions highly successful lenders? It is part attitude, part training, part people and part system. In this course we will share the strategies and tactics of successful lenders to build large and strong loan business. We will look at what they do to see lending from a borrower’s perspective, what they do to constantly improve processes and remove obstacles, and what they do to make loans their reason for existence. After all, we are CREDIT unions. This course will help you see that even in tough lending cycles, somebody is making loans. It might as well be you.

Suggested Program Length: 90 minutes

Target Audience: CEOs, Managers, Board Members, Supervisory Committee Members

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