Whether your supervisory committee is new or well seasoned, TEAM Resources offers a wide variety of courses to train your team for success. In addition to our roster of seminars, we also have our new Supervisory Committee Academy.

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In the old days, Supervisory Committees reviewed loan files, performed cash counts and confirmed closed accounts. Oh boy, have times changed. The modern Supervisory Committee must understand the myriad risks facing the credit union and understand if proper controls are in place. The modern Supervisory Committee must know how to interact with the outside audit firm on a professional basis and glean everything it can from this key ally in the audit process. The modern Supervisory Committee must learn how to guide, supervise and evaluate both the internal audit department and the external auditors. The role of the Committee has changed dramatically. If the Committee really wants to do its job well and be a true, professional partner in the protection of the credit union, it must understand its role in the Changing Credit Union Environment.

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Fraud of all types has been increasing rapidly in credit unions. Fraud is coming from both internal and external sources. By utilization of proper internal controls, a credit union forms the first line of defense against fraud. This session assists you in becoming familiar with areas where fraud occurs and discusses controls that can help in the prevention of fraud. Handouts include a list of areas within the credit union where fraud commonly occurs and suggestions on controls that should be in place to prevent it.

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