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The Problem With Consensus

When boards have a culture of consensus, the problem with consensus…

Carefully Consider Your Nominations and Re-Nominations

  It’s more important these days for boards to give a critical…

Redefine “Efficiency”

Many fall into the trap of chasing efficiency too hard and…

Diversity Gains on the Board

By Kevin Smith “Companies appear to be discovering that a…

“Just a Volunteer”

  “Just A Volunteer” or Perhaps There’s a Case for Paying…

Bullying in the Boardroom

  Bullying in the boardroom can take a variety of forms,…

Engagement on the Board (and Committees)

When there’s no boss in a group of peers, and there’s…

Aligning your Purpose

Organizations driven by a clear purpose enjoy many benefits…

Positive Friction in the Boardroom: Sand Before You Paint

  Being “too polite” in the boardroom makes for great…
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