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What About Us?! Supervisory Committees: The Stepchildren of the Credit Union World

Guest Post: Kevin Smith, Publisher/Consultant, TEAM Resources There’s…

Governance & Mergers … or Mergers & Governance

D’oh! I just said the “M” word. Shhhhhh! We don’t want…

The Role of the Board Chair

The Role of the Board Chair Recently I had the chance to spend…

How to Make the CEOs Job More Difficult Than It Has to Be

Guest Post by TEAM Resources Publisher, Kevin Smith Nobody disputes…

Two Areas to Evaluate Before Nominating a Board Member for Reelection

(Incumbent, Schmincubment! Show me your worth!) by Tim Harrington “Sadly,…

Assessing Toward a Better Board (or What’s Behind That Word?)

Let's face it - when I hear the word "assessment" it takes me back to middle school standardized tests, some of which took days, and all of which raised anxiety for everyone in the building, students and teachers alike. No, "assessment" is not my favorite word. Flash forward to a graduate-level education course in assessments. There I learned why they're so anxiety inducing. (I'll skip that 16-week tangent for now. You're welcome.)

Building Your Business Model to Create a Market Advantage

Can you strictly define your business model? Your competitive…

Effective Leadership by Your Board

How well does your board “lead” your credit union? Leadership…

Becoming a Strategic Board

Generally, boards do two things that have a positive impact on…
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