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Playing the Dandelion Card, or Keeping Meetings Out of the Weeds

Staying at the strategic level and avoiding operational micromanaging…

Cognitive Bias in the Boardroom

Cognitive bias in the boardroom is a danger to decision making.…

Protect Your Board Meeting Time & Agenda Like a Mama Bear!

The time at the board meeting should be carefully thought out…

Boards Behaving Badly

We're doing things a bit differently this month. It's time for…

“Nice” Can be Deadly for a Board

  Nice Can Be Deadly to a Board Midwest Nice, Board Culture…

The Board of Director’s Education Policy

Ad hoc or lassaiz faire approaches to director education are…

New Rules and the Board’s Role for Succession Planning

The NCUA has proposed new regulations for succession planning…

The Problem With Consensus

When boards have a culture of consensus, the problem with consensus…

Carefully Consider Your Nominations and Re-Nominations

  It’s more important these days for boards to give a critical…
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