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Many fall into the trap of chasing efficiency too hard and…

Diversity Gains on the Board

By Kevin Smith “Companies appear to be discovering that a…

“Just a Volunteer”

  “Just A Volunteer” or Perhaps There’s a Case for Paying…

Bullying in the Boardroom

  Bullying in the boardroom can take a variety of forms,…

Engagement on the Board (and Committees)

When there’s no boss in a group of peers, and there’s…

Aligning your Purpose

Organizations driven by a clear purpose enjoy many benefits…

Positive Friction in the Boardroom: Sand Before You Paint

  Being “too polite” in the boardroom makes for great…

Let’s Write it Down! Transparency and Accountability in the Board Room

Written governance policy is the pathway to accountability,…

Are You Holding Your Credit Union Back? A Directors’ Guide to Stepping Up Your Game & Staying Relevant

Your job as a board member is to push forward, not to hold back.…
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