Board/Director Self-Evaluation Services

How does a board improve itself? Is it elections? No, they just replace the players. Is it term limits? No, they just replace the players too, and worse, players are replaced whether they are effective or ineffective. Experience and studies indicate that the best way for boards to improve is through the self-evaluation process. Governance innovator John Carver said, “Self-evaluation is not extraneous to the board’s job, it is essential to the board’s job.”

Board Self-Evaluation Process

TEAM Resources has developed a Board Self-Evaluation Process that boards have found very useful. Using a Structured Peer Review and an Evaluation of the Board as a Whole, boards are able to look at the effectiveness of individual directors, and the effectiveness of the board as a group. This knowledge can then be used to help individual directors and whole Boards raise their level of effectiveness.

CEO Evaluation and Report

The CEO Evaluation quantifies the board’s satisfaction with the activities of the CEO. This evaluation and report can be performed in conjunction with the Strategic Planning Process or as a stand-alone process. The process helps clarify the responsibility and accountability of the CEO.

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