Kevin Smith guides you through some of the nuances of board governance through these short videos. These are released … well … regularly, but not on a schedule. He talks about issues that he sees regularly as he works with credit unions across the country. If you’re looking for guidance on a specific topic, shoot him an email to suggest it!

For longer topics, check out what he and Tim have to say on the TR Blog.

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Episode #8: How Are You Adapting?

Looking for the Doorways to Success: Financial Mastery Series?
Click Here. 

This series is video of Tim training about credit union financials and how to read them. It’s a great program. Check it out.

Episode #7: The Substitute’s Dilemma

Episode #6: Groupthink!

Episode #5: Do You Have an E.L.M.O. Card?

Episode #4: Should Your CEO Be on the Board?

Episode #3: (Intentional) Board Team Development

Episode #2: Board Education

Episode #1: Governance Outside of the Bowls

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