Lenders Tax Analyzer© allows lending professionals to obtain a borrower’s real cash flow from a Form 1040. It is particularly helpful with borrowers who receive income from rental properties, self-employment, farm income, partnerships, S Corporations, investments and much more. Lenders Tax Analyzer© is a multi-year product so that three tax years are all linked together on one report.

We also offer an informative 3 hour webinar (Users Tax Webinar) that helps you understand the Lenders Tax Analyzer© (LTA) software and input information from personal tax returns (Federal Form 1040). You will be shown how to turn tax returns into a lender-friendly, monthly cash flow report.

The 2023 LTAs are available below.

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LTA 1040 – Individual Tax Return

LTA Commercial

LTA -Tax Bundle Options

Organizations who have purchased the 2022 Complete Bundle, you can use code CompleteBundle20 for 20% off the 2023 Complete Bundle.

Please check out the Webinars to fully utilize the Lenders Tax Analyzer© Individual Form 1040 software and our LTA Commercial Package software.
Archived LTA Individual Form 1040 2-Part Webinar: You will learn how to turn personal tax returns into a lender-friendly, monthly cash flow.
Part 1
  • Form 1040 Page 1 – a variety of incomes
  • Investments (Schedule B)
  • Sole Proprietorships (Schedule C)
  • Gains and Losses (Schedule D)
Part 2
  • Rentals and Royalty Properties (Schedule E)
  • Partnerships (Schedule E)-from the receiver’s side
  • S-Corporations (Schedule E)-from the receiver’s side
  • Farms (Schedule F)
Archived LTA Commercial Package Webinar, you will learn to cash flow Business tax returns.
C Corporate Form 1120
  • Learn to ‘cash-flow’ a C Corporation tax return
  • Convert an Accrual Basis tax return to a Cash Basis cash-flow
  • Identify if gains on sales of investments or business property are recurring sales to be considered or ‘one-time’ sales to be ignored
  • Identify how much owners are taking out of the business in salaries, dividends and loans
  • Calculate key business ratios from the tax return
  • Calculate a Global Cash Flow from the tax return
S Corp Form 1120-S and Partnership 106
  • Find the real cash flow from a Partnership Form 1065 and a S Corporation Form 1120-S tax return
  • Understand what a ‘pass through’ entity is and how it effects tax reporting and cash flow
  • Identify how much the owners are taking out of the business in salaries, dividends/distributions and loans
  • Learn how to read the Schedule K-1 to identify cash flow
  • Distinguish between phantom income and real cash flow
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Lenders Tax Analyzer© 1040 cash flows income from many sources, including:

  • Schedule – Sole Proprietorships
  • Rental Properties and Royalties
  • Partnerships
  • S Corporations
  • Farms
  • Sales of investments
  • Interest and Dividends

Lenders Tax Analyzer© 1040 helps you identify untaxed incomes that you can add in. For example:

  • Divorce incomes
  • Tax exempt interest
  • Pension benefits
  • And more…

Lenders Tax Analyzer© 1040 takes away the mystery on the following forms:

  • Partnerships
  • S Corps

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